The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The gift that keeps on giving.   – Written by Melanie White


Mel Blog postOnce in a blue moon, there is a miracle beauty product that comes along and really changes your life, or maybe just your morning routine. Dry shampoo, for many, was a gift from the beauty gods that provides us with a few extra days between washes and a longer lasting style.

If, you thought the miracle-product’s benefits stopped there then you’re incorrect. Here, discover the (added) pleasures of the joy that is dry shampoo.


It’s all about texture.

Generally 2 days after washing your hair, your hair can really get it to its best. It’s not silky smooth from being freshly washed, it has extra body courtesy of a good night’s sleep and if you’ve used tongs to make that effortless wave, that ensure that you will wake with a great style.

But the good news is that dry shampoo can actually mimic this outcome on day one. Spray it from your mid-lengths to ends, leave for about 5 minutes and then work through with your hands or a hairdryer, you will achieve a dry texturised effect which won’t feel weighed down by product.

Prevention is better than remedy

If you think dry shampoo is to simply soak up the first signs of oil? Think again. If you feel the need to wash your hair every other day due to oil build up, apply dry shampoo to the roots right after heat styling, blow drying or air-drying for a clean sense which will lasts for days.

At Le Salon, evo’s Water Killer is our best seller. It’s amazing at preventing your hair from getting oily and keeps your style intact. But it also doubles as a styling spray, so a great way to make that blow wave last as long as possible.

And now with the new Moroccan Oil Dry shampoos. With 2 types: 1 for light tone, and another for dark tones. Not only do the keep your hair feeling fresh and gives great texture, but it also blends in with your hair tones. No more white stripes!


Water Killer evo dry shampoo

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