At Le Salon we have been using Olaplex for just over 8 months now and it has changed EVERYTHING! We are now able to lighten your hair without compromising on strength or shine.

Back in the pre Olaplex days if you came into the salon with dark hair and wanted a nice summery balayage look we would have to warn you that your hair would be prone to breakage and dryness, not only that, you would generally be left with a brassy in between stage as we wouldn’t have been able to push your hair to remove those brassy tones without the olaplex!

In walks Olaplex, patented world wide, unlike anything we have ever used before. The way it works…. All lightener and colour is designed to break bonds in your hair to lift or deposit your colour,
Olaplex multiplies and rebuilds those bonds making them stronger than they were before…So now we can push the envelope further to get your desired colour with no more breakage or ‘straw-like’ hair with an easy 3 step process.

What does this mean for all the blondes or want-to-be-blondes out there?

We can achieve beautiful locks in shades that you might not have been able to get before due to the damage bleaching has on your hair.
Here are some of the amazing results we have accomplished. An image is worth a thousand words is no more relevant than in gorgeous natural healthy blonde locks.





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