le Salon Editorials Over The Years




Charlotte told Vogue… Being young, I felt the need to express a point of difference within my field –         to draw people in, to show them that I have what it takes and MORE to be their hairdresser. In May last year I realized my dreams when I opened ‘LE SALON – Melbourne, Australia – Chamonix, France’ in Bayside Sandringham, my home town.


I believe that my 12 months working at ‘LE SALON’ in Chamonix, France, followed by training in London and Paris, has been a huge asset to me as a hairdresser. Having fabulous connections in France (my father lives in Chamonix and I have many friends there), I’ve had the luxury of being able to return regularly to update my training (Paris Hair Show, 2010) (Chamonix work in salon April 2012) (Aguille du Midi Hair show 2014)


Being a good hairdresser is not just learning your trade and practicing the same thing each day, it is about growing and learning every single day at every chance you get. It is about encouraging your clients to grow as well, not letting them slip into a boring haircut. You need to look at each client with fresh eyes each time they walk though your salon doors. You need to be both observant and creative, whilst being efficient and accommodating too.


As for the pampering side, I have designed my Salon so that my clients can feel as though they are in their own lounge room, whilst being treated to refreshments and the latest magazines, served to them at their leisure. They can visit the Beauty Room for make up, facials, pedicures and waxing. Having had their hair washed while seated in our vibrating massage chairs, then cut/coloured/blow waved, my clients should walk out feeling beautiful, relaxed and as light as a feather.


We were then asked back again for the New Year edition January 2012. We are really proud of our Le Salon editorials.

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