Charlotte’s Return to Le Salon

A Message from Charlotte

I want to thank you for your continued support and patience over the past six months.
As you know I broke my wrist early January.
I’ve since had three unsuccessful surgeries in Australia, during which time I’ve been unable to work or be present at the Salon (for insurance reasons).
I was lucky enough to come over to France for another opinion, where they have been able to replace my broken bone with a carbon implant.
Along with hand therapy this implant will give full range of motion back in my wrist over the next few months, and I will finally make a full recovery. Up until a few weeks ago I didn’t think this was possible, so I am tremendously relieved!
I have been able to spend this recovery time with my family in France and have access to the best hand surgeons and therapists available.
I will be back in the Salon from late September and taking my first bookings from late October/early November. My availability is now online, so be sure to reserve your appointment times up till Christmas, as I am sure it will get busy!
I look forward to seeing all your lovely faces soon, I have truly missed the Salon and am really excited to get back.

Charlotte Xx



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